The Christie is a leading cancer centre treating more than 44,000 patients a year. Following a fire in 2017 that destroyed our research building, we have launched plans to build a new world class cancer research centre in South Manchester. This project is known as the Paterson Redevelopment Project

The ambition for the new research centre is contained within a document called the Strategic Planning Framework (SPF) Addendum which you can download from this website. The Christie undertook an informal consultation with the local community on the draft SPF Addendum in January 2019. The feedback that we received is summarised in a Consultation Report which is available to download on this website.


What happens next

SPF Addendum – Endorsement by the Council’s Executive

On the 24th July, Manchester City Council’s Executive endorsed the Strategic Planning Framework (SPF) Addendum for the Paterson Redevelopment Project. The SPF Addendum sets out the project partnership’s ambition to deliver a world-class research building on our site in Withington. This document will be taken into account by the Planning and Highways Committee during their decision-making on the planning application. 

The Planning Application 

The next project milestone is the decision on the detailed Planning Application for the new Paterson research building.  We expect that the planning application will be brought in front of Manchester Planning and Highways Committee for their determination at their August meeting.  Further information can be found on the project website

In partnership with Manchester Cancer Research Centre

The University of Manchester

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